Proposer Information

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Terms and Conditions

Organizations, businesses or individuals that wish to build a partnership with C-Secure are required to enter the following personal information.

1. COLLECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: company name, proposer name, email address, phone number, website URL
2. PURPOSE OF COLLECTING AND USING PERSONAL INFORMATION: Collected data is used to identify a person and offer specific services based on the provided information.
3. TERMINATION OF USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: Personal information will be preserved for one month after the completion of the review process in case C-Secure need to contact the submitting party; however, all personal information will be destroyed after expiry of the preservation period.

C-Secure. are, collectively and individually, committed to protecting your privacy.

Legal Disclaimer

C-Secure (“C-Secure”) hereby reserve the right to reject submitted proposals upon review and any information incorporated in the proposals will be used for review purposes only. Acceptance of a proposal does not imply any reward or compensation to the submitting party but, once the proposal is accepted, C-Secure will notify the accepted party, either via online or offline or both, and will initiate the partnership evaluation. However, as to those whose proposals have not been accepted, C-Secure are not obligated to provide them with a separate notification as they can check the results from the website. Further, C-Secure has full discretion to determine the merits of the proposals and thus are not obligated to disclose the terms of the accepted offer to anyone.

Please note that the personal information, including the proposal registration number, will be preserved for one month to allow the submitting parties to check their proposal status online. However, all personal information, except information entered for the "Site for Partnership" and "Partnership Type," shall be promptly destroyed after the preservation period has expired.